Learn Local

GRVEC is a  friendly  and welcoming Learn Local organisation offering a range of pre-accredited education and training programs designed to help learners gain the confidence and skills needed to look for a job or go on to further study.¬†They include courses in communication, job search skills, getting ready to go back to work and literacy and numeracy.


  • Do you want to enrol in Vocational Training at a Certificate level?
  • Do you need to develop and improve your study skills?
  • Do you need to improve your self-confidence and sel-belief?
  • Do you want to get the most out of your studies?


  • Are you getting that job you applied for?
  • Have you sent out numerous applications but not been offered any interviews?
  • Have you had a number of interviews but not been offered a job yet?
  • Would you like ti know how to best present yourself to an employer?

Map Your Future

  • Do you now what courses and pathways are available to you?
  • How do you choose the right course for you?
  • Do you find applying for courses or jobs difficult to negotiate?
  • Do you know what support services are available to you?


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