Manufacturing Geelong DVD

Every day, you benefit from many of the thousands of products that are manufactured, or are made from raw materials produced in Geelong.

From the power and fabrics in your home, food products, plastics and transport components, manufacturing impacts positively on your life by supplying many of the products you use every day.

To make all these products requires engineers, designers, product developers, researchers, process workers, tradespeople and other skilled workers from a diverse range of trades and disciplines.

GRVEC are pleased to be part of the DVD - Manufacturing Geelong, which profiles some of these local advanced manufacturing industries and features young employees discussing their work and job pathway.

The purpose of the DVD is to give students and teachers information about the local manufacturing sector and to encourage young people to consider the career options available in it. There are jobs to suit all kinds of interests -scientific, technical and practical and we hope the DVD will spark the curiosity of students to explore these.

This project was made possible through a collaboration between GRVEC, the Geelong Manufacturing Council and the Gordon TAFE using funds from the Federal Government's Career Advice Australia program and the Victorian Government's Regional Development Victoria agency.

We are also very appreciative of the contribution of the following featured employers:

Alcoa World Alumina

Bob White Electrix

Deakin University

Downer Engineering

Godfrey Hirst

Jeff Sykes and Associates

Kinetic Engineering


Modern Olives