Civil Construction Taster Program

Civil Construction is anything to do with the earth, water or transport infrastructure.  In civil construction you can create just about anything from a major freeway, railway, water storage reservoir or new housing subdivision.


They are responsible for the design & construction of buildings along with many other structures and major infrastructure such as; aerodromes, power plants, irrigation systems, golf courses & dredging of harbours. Roads and bridges are designed and elevated highways and overpasses are planned.


Civil Construction is a constantly developing industry, with the latest technology being implemented in order to maximize the efficiency, durability and integrity of the structures being fabricated.

Career opportunities in the Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction industry are many and varied. The potential exists to work in any number of specialised construction roles. Interested in finding out more?  Go to and click on 'occupations' in the menu on the right to explore careers in civil construction.


GRVEC along with the Civil Contractors Federation and The Gordon in 2010 offered a 4 day taster program along with one week of work experience during term 3.  Student's gained their Construction Industry Card (CI Card)) along with learning about traffic management, plan reading, civil construction services, plant and equipment used and visited a number of industry sites.