Community Life Inclusion Project (CLIP):  2011 - 2013

2013 CLIP Group

2011 CLIP Recipients

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From 2011- 2013, GRVEC had the great pleasure of coordinating the Community Life Inclusion Project (CLIP).   This program aimed to increase young people's understanding of the breadth of careers across the community services sector.   


The project was an initiative of St Laurence who partnered with other leading community services organisations; Karingal, Glastonbury, Pathways, Barwon Health, Bethany and MacKillop Family Services.  GRVEC coordinated the project, providing a select series of events based on the human life cycle.


Here is a snapshot of some of the events from previous CLIP programs.


Glastonbury, students had the opportunity to hear and learn about working with families and children in the community services sector.  Students met a number of workers from Glastonbury who not only told them what their jobs entailed but how they became involved in working in the community services sector.  It wasn't all talk though - with the students getting to do some hands-on activities centred on the importance of play and using some of the tools that Glastonbury workers use when working with families.


Pathways, introduced us to youth services and the mental health sector.  We visited the Pathways day programs, had the opportunity to talk with the staff and hear from clients.  Lunch was at the MadCap Cafe which provides work opportunities for people experiencing mental health issues and works towards creating a better understanding within the general community of mental illness and how it affects 1 in 5 of us every day.  Lastly we visited Headspace to learn about the work they do, the types of services they provide to young people nationally and what career pathways exist.


Karingal explores the disability sector.  After an overview of Karingal and what they do, we were introduced to the concept of 'Person Centred Practice' and had an inspiring talk from Chris Ingham, a Karingal client.  We got a first hand look at many of the supported employment options through Karingal's Kommercial arm and had a look through the Participate program where staff and participants talk about 'Getting the life you want'.  


Barwon Health gave a tour of varying facilities on offer and the breadth of careers needed to run a successful hospital and community centre.  We looked at violent behaviour and explored how staff managed these situations.


St Laurence conducted a tour through their Lara Aged Care facility - Costa House.  The Leisure and Lifestyle team showed us what they did and allowed us to gain an insiders view of what life really is like within an aged care facility.