Here are some comments from employers who have hosted a SWL student:


Peppers Cafe had this to say:

"I have 40 years experience in the hospitality business and I have seen dozens of young people come and go. Emma shines above all with her passion to learn. I will enjoy teaching her everything I can".


Euro Panels wrote that ...

"he was so enthusiastic, well mannered and showed so much initiative in his work experience week that he is now a first year apprentice panel-beater for us".


Deakin University IT department made the following comments:

"David's computer skills are first rate as demonstrated when he taught one of our engineers a new way to manipulate data that saved him a considerable amount of time on a complex task. The off the job skills he bought into our team were relevant and useful".


"Sarah showed enthusiasim for our business and in learning. Sarah displayed initiative beyond her years and became part of our team very quickly"

... Fernwood Women's Health Club.